July 13, 2008


It might seem odd for a Midwestern girl to knit up armwarmers in the middle of July... but let me explain.
I work in radio. We have a lot of computers and equipment, and almost all of it is running ALL the time. To keep the computers cool, and to compensate for the heat they put off in the studios, the air conditioning is cranked up superhigh in the summer, and in the winter, the heat is kept down very low. As a result, it pretty much doesn't matter what time of year it is... inside the station it is FREEZING COLD.
You can, however, always take a little trip into a studio and warm up. The studios are pretty much always warm warm warm. I don't need anything for when I'm inside the studio... but when I'm outside the studio, it's so cold!! I've been running around with my big frumpy sweatshirt on, trying to keep warm that way (it's not really working.)

So... that is why, in the middle of July in the Midwest, I am knitting armwarmers.

So here you have some, using the Jiffy Armwarmers pattern!

It was knitting up a lovely little pattern when I started, but when I got about halfway it got "off" and isn't quite such a lovely little pattern anymore. Regardless, I grabbed this yarn because it's the same as what I used for my first calorimetry and I thought it would be nice if they matched... well, they do match, so whatever!
(These are not my work armwarmers, either... I'll need a neutral colour for those.)

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