January 15, 2007


I like to knit while watching football. (GO BEARS!) Sometimes it can be hard to do. Close games and overtime tend to wrack my nerves and make my hands tremble. Knitting is supposed to be relaxing, isn't it?!

Anyway, I knit this guy up yesterday while watching football, and finished him later while watching Law & Order.

Chain Chomp Scarf

He is lovely! And surprisingly warm.

Laid out on my bed, at home on the circle pattern. He says RARR.

The inspiration started with other knitter's intarsia of video game characters on scarves, the thought of "Chompy!!", jumped here for the chainlinks... and then my own dorked-out brain imploded to create the rest. It took some trial & error and lots of ripping out stitches after my silly novice ideas failed, but hey! In the end, he turned out pretty cute. I love it.