January 20, 2008

Dear Space Invaders Scarf

Frustration sets in (again) with the Space Invaders scarf. I knit a bit on it, and then put it away some time last year - I was working rows on it while watching Boy Meets World on Disney at 1am, and when they quit airing BMW at 1am I quit knitting on it. So it sat for a while, a little unloved. I took it on vacation with me in July, and one night in the hotel room I took it out and worked a row of the chart. I looked at it, and thought "I have no clue if I did that right. I don't think I did. Man, I'm tired - far too tired to use my brain power to do this double-knitting thing." So I put it away and left it there. I should have pulled it out again the next day, as I had a fellow knitter with me on that vacation and I'm sure she could have saw what I screwed up, fixed it, and then taught me how to double-knit again... but alas, I did not.

So some time after I got home, I pulled it out to "fix." Well, I for sure had knit it incorrectly while on vacation, so I unknit two rows to get back to where I was... and started to forge ahead.
"Wait," I thought, and looked at my needles. "wait... this is NOT right."
I tried again. And again. And again. I couldn't get it to look right, but I couldn't figure out what I was doing. Frustrated, I put the SI scarf down, cast on thirty stitches of red, and knit three rows in garter stitch just to make sure I hadn't actually forgotten how to knit... no, no, I still remembered how to do it. God, it hadn't been THAT long... a few months, admittedly, but not THAT long! I tried again with the SI scarf... and failed.
"Forget it," I thought, "I don't have time to screw around with this right now." I put it away again... and left it.

A few months later I got it back out. I tried again. And again, and again, and again, and I STILL could not get it. "ARRRGH! I'm going to just LEAVE the damn thing until July, and then I'll get my knitting friends to help me with it when I see them on vacation again!" I resolved, and put it away.

Now, I have pulled it out again. I checked my Stitch & Bitch, watched a few videos from Knitting Help... and tried again.
No, it still looked wrong, but at least this time I'm pretty sure I knitted and purled correctly. I looked at Stitch & Bitch again. What was wrong? I looked at the section on twisted stitches. "Ah-HA," I thought. In unknitting the darn thing, I bet I twisted some stitches. Sure enough, I plowed through the scarf and found several twisted stitches, and untwisted them.
Now the stitches are sitting properly on the needles. I checked the last successfully knitted row of my chart to make sure I still accurately had purls and knits in the right places... everything looks good.
Okay... time to try this again.

...and I did it wrong again.

Dear Space Invaders scarf:
I hope you appreciate all the aggravation and difficulty I am going through to finish you.
Love, Beanie.
PS: I hate you.

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