July 13, 2008

More Knitting

I am now the proud owner of... CABLE NEEDLES. Hurray! Cables! Cabled scarf first, maybe, then cabled arm warmers/leg warmers come next. Also... maybe going to finally get some use out of those darn DPNs, or just learn magic loop for my circs.
I sat outside in the 80-some degree weather knitting on an arm warmer. I'm such a nerd.

I want to knit more, but I find myself wanting something a little more challenging to keep my attention. I did the illusion scarves pretty quick because I LOVED working the pattern, so I stayed interested and knitted longer each time I took the needles up. The worst part of that skull illusion scarf was the striping in the middle... boooo-ring! It was PAINFUL to knit through that after working a chart, and knowing I'd be getting back to a chart again as soon as I was done with the stripes.

I guess I need to learn intarsia... kinda intimidating! But I have a few cute charts I'd like to work into some scarves. Hopefully I won't get started, then forget how to do intarsia and be totally unable to remember it, thus leaving my scarf at approximately 30% complete like the poor Space Invaders scarf. ;P

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