August 29, 2008

I Only Knit Scarves

Today I dragged my armwarmers to work to knit on while I was doing nothing. (It's the Friday before a holiday, NOBODY is here, nobody is calling... dead. At least I can be productive, even if it's not-work-productive.)
I sat and knit. I should note that this is the first project I've ever done on DPNs - it's the first project I've ever done on them because I HATE working with DPNs. Before, I started something, got irritated, frogged it, and devised a way to knit the same thing on straight needles instead. Well, this is also the first time I've ever done cables, and I don't know enough about them to feel confident that if I converted the pattern and worked on straights instead that the effect would be 100% the same. (At this point, I'm pretty sure it would have been, but whatever.)

So, here I sit, DPNs in hand, cable needle at my side, armwarmers growing in length as I knit away. Okay - granted, with the DPNs, it looks intimidating, like it's maybe really hard. Co-workers kept coming up and going "Ohhh, are you knitting? *I* knit! Well, I only knit scarves..." Another says "I can only knit scarves... oh! And washcloths!"

Now, wait a minute here. Before I learned how to knit I couldn't even make a scarf. I was really proud of myself when I finally learned how to knit. And, well, admittedly... I learned to knit because I wanted to knit scarves. Yarn is, generally, cheaper than buying a scarf in the store (not counting when Old Navy has their big end of season clearance, in which I can pick up a huge garter knit scarf that would have driven me to insanity if I knit it myself for $2.) And, as I've learned a little bit more here and there, I've really had fun designing some quirky little things into my scarves. No, I don't just make garter knit or ribbed scarves, but when you get right down to it, a scarf is still a scarf.

My calorimetry, the last armwarmers I made (on straights, then seamed) and this pair of armwarmers (which I am indeed knitting on DPNs) aside...
I proclaim it, and I proclaim it loud and proud.
I only knit scarves.

Nobody who has learned how to knit should ever put themselves down - even if "all" they do is knit scarves. Because learning to knit can be really frustrating and hard. I know it was for me... probably even more frustrating was that, once I was done, it was SO EASY that I couldn't believe how hard it was to figure out!
So I have nothing but respect for every single person that has ever learned to knit. I just wish that they respected themselves and their talent, too.

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spiffyniftyriffic said...

Amen to that. I had a hard time learning to knit and when I finally got the hang of it I was proud beyond words. A scarf is a huge accomplishment when you are feeling doomed with those needles in your hands. Every one I make I love even if it is simple and NO one should feel they are less of a knitter because of it.

Love your blog, keep up the good work!